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Hello all

Yo out there to everyone. I joined up a little while back due to my love of Black&White. I've been wondering about something that I was afraid to ask, for fear of looking stupid. But then I reasoned that it never stopped me before...

So here's my question: If you have Black&White and Creature Isle...what's the point of getting Black&White Deluxe? Is it an extension or is it just both Black&White and Creature Isle put together?

Thanks for bearing my stupidity. I can't wait till Black&White 2 comes out.

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You are correct; BW Deluxe is just the two stuck together. Nothing too exciting really :)
*watches your icon fascinated for several minutes. Blinks out of it* Huh...oh...Oh thank you. ^.^
Heh, I'm rather fond him too :p

Blimey, a posting here. Scary.

(Erm, hello :p )