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Made it to land 4!

I managed to make my way through land 3 over the course of the past few days - I've had a wicked head cold and didn't have much else to do. Converting villages is a problem without Du'thanai, especially when villages are sufficiently far away that throwing rocks becomes really difficult. I got lucky, though; a list I found on the Web of B&W quests mentioned something Prima's guide didn't. If you pick up the Unkillable Man (he's listed as 'Actor' when you press S and look at the Shaolin's mountain) and throw him hard, you have a few moments of influence wherever he lands - no matter how far you throw him. Throw him from your home territory towards an enemy village, grab him when he lands, and throw him again... you can eventually cross the entire map this way. Plus, once he hits an enemy village, if you pick him up and set him down on a roof the odd sight usually wins you around 12-15 points of Belief per incident. Not bad considering how much trouble I have getting Miracle gestures right.

I spared Lethys' life at the last minute. I probably should have thrown more wood through the Vortex before jumping in and going to land 4- dunno if that would have worked, though. Oh well.

Will have Du'thanai have a go at the ogres tomorrow.
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