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Made it to land 3!

I have been playing with the zebra as my creature for some time now in an effort to build up his combat and miracle skills. I'd gotten about halfway through land 2 in my original B&W game with Kiendo the horse only to see Kiendo wander into Lethys' territory and get set on fire several times; it wasn't a pretty sight. Especially since Kiendo didn't quite seem to understand that he had to heal himself as well as put out the fire... well, maybe he would've if I'd given him a little more time, but other things got my attention and I didn't play B&W for a while. I've got Du'thanai now, since I started the game over. Du'thanai is the beneficiary of several training maps I downloaded that just happen to have creatures in them. He got very good at converting villages before I removed the barriers that held the other Creatures out and let him throw down with them. When I saw him whip out the Lightning Bolt miracle and scorch the rhino to within an inch of his life before drawing the arena circle, I knew I had a winner on my hands.

I soon found out why I'd never seen the Idol Challenge, or the Swimming Kids challenge: I'd never converted a fourth village. Allow me to tell you that the Prima strategy guide, while nice in its own way, has several glaring flaws. One is that they do not inform you that these two challenges only appear after you have converted your fourth village. Another is that they indicate at one point that there is an extra Norse village somewhere near your initial touchdown site, but that's beside the point... I converted the Greek village, Khazar bit the big one, and I went on to deal with most of the challenges. The slavers never accepted my wolf, so that challenge never finished, but I did manage to convert enough of Lethys' villages that he got snotty and kidnapped poor Du'thanai.

I have determined that one of my favourite ways of stealth-converting a village is to pick up several large rocks and set them down in my existing villages. Once enough villagers have danced around them that they become artifacts - with the godly symbol glowing in red on them - I pick the rocks up and put them in enemy villages. If I can't reach, I have Du'thanai do it for me. Lethys erected Shields several times over his villages but they collapsed eventually and people went back to being impressed by the rock. It's slow, but it's steady and it does a lot of good.

Will report on Land 3 as events warrant.
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