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Have switched to zebra.

Slightly distressing fact about the zebra morph: the graphics for the zebra, unlike those for the horse, show the animal's teeth. It looks to me rather like what one sees in real zebras in terms of muzzle structure, but the zebra looks just a bit hostile by comparison to the horse. Then again, zebras are like that in RL, so who am I to argue.

I've downloaded Kilroy's training map and am working on teaching Du'thanai many miracles. He can do Fireball and Lightning now, but between the training on those and an ill-timed slap that was supposed to stop him from throwing trees for no good reason, he has developed a violent streak on the Creature Mind scroll. Then again he is still listed as quite compassionate. Perhaps the two can be balanced?

Slight problem: he would not get into a fight with the rhino, which is the smaller of the two creatures on Kilroy's map. The lion is still a long way off in terms of size. Must feed him more white mushrooms and get him to sleep in his pen more often.

Have come to greatly appreciate the power of Artifact Rocks. Drop 'em in a village and forget about 'em. You'll remember the rock later, when the whistles and fireworks go off - they create belief in you all by themselves.

May need to upgrade video card at some point. The game gets amaaaazingly slow when I'm on screens with lots of people and/or objects, and it's right hard to interact with your creature when the hand moves so slowly that all your movements are exaggerated. This is where those badly timed slaps came from. By the time my hand moved into slapping mode he'd gone on to wanting to impress people, and I knocked some of the urge to impress out of him. Not what I wanted at all.

Oh, well. He's young yet. If he reaches a good age and he's not too psychologically messed up we'll keep him. If not - well - can always start game over.
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