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Started playing Black and White again.

Had to buy a second copy of the game as I have no idea where the CD has gone to. Oh, well...

I chose the ape as my initial creature instead of the cow, but switched immediately to the horse. This was done with some pangs of regret as the ape seemed quite an interesting little fellow. Next game I'll play the ape, I think - and go for ethical neutrality, or at least balance. The initial ape personality has given me quite an inquisitive horse, Du'Thanai. We're on Land 2 at the moment. I finally managed to find the damn wolves, so I solved the 'riddle' at the third Native American village; Du'Thanai will become a zebra very soon. After that, however, I am going to skirmish maps for quite some time. He needs to get bigger, he needs to get stronger, and he needs to learn fighting before I'll let him anywhere near Lethys' wolf.

We'll see how it goes.
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